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About Us

How It All Started…

The Hosiery Hanger started as a simple solution to an age old problem. We like to call it the ‘octopus drawer’ – the drawer in your dresser that is bursting with pantyhose (aka. tights) and the legs are sticking out like your storing a family of octopus in your dresser.

You’ve got pantyhose in there from 20 years ago, snagged from thigh to toe, and you’ve probably wanted to scream when you can’t find the new pair you just bought because it’s a never-ending tangled mess of beige, brown, and black.

Well one day, a very smart man named Jim came up with an idea that would make his wife’s life easier. A hanger that would keep her hosiery neat, tidy, and snag-free. She was happy as could be and never wore another pair of snagged hose to work again. Then she thought… I should share this wonderful invention with all women so they too can tackle their octopus drawer and enjoy their mornings… …and so the Hosiery Hanger was born.

Who We Are

We are proudly a Canadian company based out of Saskatchewan [sa-skach-uh-wuhn] – a beautiful wide open prairie province shaped like a rectangle, full of good hard-working people who enjoy life.

We’re firm believers in providing our customers with a good quality product that will make life easier (trust me it will!) and topping it off with genuine and approachable customer service. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, or would just like to say hello – call, email, or write us anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

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